You might be a REDNECK if .…

you throw a

The back­yard was trans­formed into a REDNECK Fall Fest
for a good ol’ boy’s birthday!

Larry was used to greet the guests.
Larry was clip art that I had enlarged and then I painted him.


Our red truck was used as a bar.  Old wash bins and tubs were used to hold the pop and beer.  (Thanks Dawn!) Punch was served in a big soup pot.  Lights at the “bar” were lights poked inside Jack Daniels bottles.


Fall punch and lemon­ade was served at the Moon­shine stand.
Drinks were poured into mason jars and each straw was tagged with some­thing redneck.

Snacks were served off a white truck tail­gate.
The menu of every­thing on the truck was writ­ten on the shut­ter.
Burlap, old wooden crates and mums made the “snack shak” old the rustic.


I baked 50 apple pies (birth­day boy’s favorite!) for dessert plus filled up huge cookie jars with ding dongs, ho hos and twinkies.


Signs on the cookie jars were secured with duct tape, red­neck style.

Ban­ners were made with duct tape to dec­o­rate the deck and hunt­ing lodge.


Flan­nel was used as table­cloths and weeds in bot­tles and cans were decorations.


Hay couch, hay bar table and hay benches:


More dec­o­ra­tions: Bubba the scare­crow and a wheel bar­row full of pump­kins, mums and apples.


Din­ner was served on pie pans.
Paper tow­els were used as nap­kins.

Funny REDNECK stuff:

For a cold fall day, extra flan­nel shirts were avail­able for any chilly hillbilly.



Git R Done!
Thanks for all the help set­ting up and clean­ing up!
Also, remem­ber my blog as a wid­get called “fancy box”, click on any photo and it will enlarge into a fancy box.  There is a lot of detail going on in some of the photos! 


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3 Responses to You might be a REDNECK if .…

  1. Dianne

    great it looks like a really really fun party.

  2. Karen

    So fun!!! Dawn is look­ing good!!! Yeehaw!

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